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EZ - Ticket Request

Schedule a service with us today throughout our E-Z Ticket Request Service by visiting on Contact us portal.

From only $ 110.00 for the first two hours our client can take care of any small problem that may be causing anxiety and stress and just have peace of mind!

5 hours for only $ 225.00 also can be used to cover more that one repair in the house. And if five hours are not enough just jump to the next level which offer 8 hours of service for only $ 360.00

Many of our clients have had benefited from these great deals and specials we are offering throughout our professional team.

Our clients do not need a contract for these special services, but the client will receives the same guarantee as if were in a contract. As professionals, we offer 100 % customer satisfaction.


The service is to be completed as directed by the client and the below stamen applies only if there is a limitation on the scope of work by the client.

Any alteration or deviation from above specifications involving extra labor and materials costs will be executed only upon written orders and will become an extra charge over and above the service time.


properly installed equipment or fixture but malfunctioning after the installation and has nothing to do with the installation process, is not covered under our labor one-year warranty.


All necessary materials needed to complete an installation are to be provided by the client. If service provider supplies any part, the client is responsible for the cost of the part and should be paid at the time of the installation.  

Disposal of any debris has a charge and it is determined by the quantity, weight and volume of the items.

Please, note that the service is provided by one technician, but in special circumstances when the work requires more than one technician a second or more technician are scheduled to assist. However, the services time apply as above specified or as below. Example: in a service that had been purchased for eight hours, instead of taking one technician the eight hours it will take two technicians only 4 hours to complete the service.